I’m  Mike McElwee. 

Industrial Designer & Production consultant


I am a problem-solver by nature with a passion for designing solutions to broad, strategic business challenges. I aim to deliver tailored and effective processes and solutions for physical product design, product application and product production. I work methodically and am always determined to achieve optimal results for the brands and businesses I work with.

Lateral and critical thinking, essential for effective design solutions, are skills I learned during my studies as a product/ industrial designer and which I honed during my career. I have consistently applied these skills to my work in product design and design management, product and business development and product innovation.


Personal Profile

In my spare time, I love to build things, from fixtures to make my wife’s garden-watering more efficient to furniture to fitting out my 1973 FJ40 land cruiser for our next overland adventure.

I’m a closet tech geek and love that the information age has gifted me endless resources to keep me inspired with new potential solutions to any practical problem!  

Michael McElwee - Land Cruiser
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